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wow ! [13 Sep 2004|09:35pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

heyy! sorry im sooo lazy and i havent updated! lol hurricane frances was scary! and we were out of power for 5 days! ahhhhhhhhh ! . ive been going ice skating and all that cool stuff. lol im just always soo lazy to update my journal. suessical the musical is fun :D. lol but mush needs to help me with dancing because i look like a dying chimpanzee. and thats not an exaggeration :D. i dont know who i wanna be ? omg i know that mr angus hates me .. hehe because im a chatter dork. OMG MAYLETH ASKED THE JANITOR WHAT TIME IT WAS (he cant tell time) omg it was soooo fruggen scary biatch! he was like screaming and stuff =O. ok. im getting lazy

laterrr <3

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BUTERFLY AFFECT [03 Sep 2004|10:03pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

ok first of all i got a celly yesterday ! w0ot ! ... TONIGHT I SAW THE BUTTERFLY AFFECT HOLY SHIT IT WAS THE ODDEST MOVIE I LOVED IT! ITS SOOO MIXED UP AND U LOVE IT AND URE SCARED! HOLY F****N SHIT IT IS SOOOO F'D UPP !! I WANTED IT TO END BUT I WANTED IT TO KEEP GOING.. AND MY HEART WAS RACING AND EVERYTHING!!! you probly think im a nutcase.. but im sooo friggin serious ! ! ! you need to go out and rent it now !!!! holy f****n SHIT !

- laterrr haterrrr

DANI ! !

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frances isz coming! [01 Sep 2004|09:23pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

ahhh the hurricane is coming ! ill call you right before i die.. l m a o kelcie ! the good side is that there is no school for 5 days baby! w0o ! i had acting tonight =D. THERE ARE 10 YEAR OLDS IN OUR TROOP >.<. i wanna be the cat in the hat s0 badlyyy! [ seussical the musical ] . lol kayla nd kelsey were so confused between gertrude mcfuzz and mazie la bird! I KNO WHATS INSDIDE THE EGG HORTON SITS ON ! ITS AN ELEPHANT WITH WINGS ! red bull gives you wings just like kayla! lOL .. luv you kayla =D. oh emm gee if melissa were doing seussical she would be yurtle the turtle without a doubt! well.. im outta interesting things to say =D hehe !



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w0w i need to update! [29 Aug 2004|06:40pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

ok s0 fridayy i went to my grandmasz h0use as usual.. then i went ice skating! it wasz the funnest time ever! l m a o ! we were trying to steal stevens hat and mush goes right up and asks f0r it.. nd gets it ! l O L ! omg they didnt have sizes 6 7 or 8 >.< so i had to squeeze my foot int0 a 5 ! it hurt soooooooooo friggin badly! nd then on saturday me, kelcie, kelsey , carlie , mush , erika , lindsey , melissa c , went t0 see with0ut a paddle! itt wasz the best movie EVER! the prievews make it look stupid.. but it really has an awesome plot to it ! IM NOT AN ASTRONAUT IM AMERICAN ! THEY BURNT THE WEED ! THE DOGS ARE STONED ! HE IS PALER THEN KELCIE ! L M A O sooooo funny ! nd then when the bum comes up to dans car and goes "abweabwewaa! " LOL its kelcie !!! lol im jerry .. mush is tom .. kelcie isz dan , kelsey isz flower, and the sheriff. carlie nd melissa are the weed dudes.. lOL omg it wasz soo much fun! i l0ved it ! omg i didnt realize how hot the uy who plays shaggy isz! he is burning babay! t0day all i did wasz go on palace.. L M A O mush .. keep me company was being s0 weird! lOL ! and yesterday i bought a bunch of buttons so i made necklaces today too :D one for me nd one for ally! mush came over yesterday and made some too! she made an anklet and a necklace! lol the first time we made them way to small.. but then we fixed it ! MUSH U ARE JUST TO GHETTO WITH YOUR TRAMPOLINE! AND URE BATHROOM FOR A ROOM! L M A O

catch ya laterrr

- laterr haterr... mush u bABE!!! L M A O ... X0X <3

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[24 Aug 2004|09:41pm]
[ mood | good ]

hEy! yesterdayy n0thing exciting happened.. same with t0day but i feel like writing :D. lOL carlie nd me made instant breakfast with s0y miLk t0day! lOL the aftertaste was the bad parrt! i had soooo much h0mework today >.< erg i hate homew0rk! and today i learned that there r 5 oceans and not 4 ! wh0o h0o! i learned something! O M G ! it has been raining like crazy lately up the waz0o! every day during math we have to stay in language arts! lOL like thats a bad thing! s0 we dont get to do that much work when we are in math because of the rain delays :D. P.E isz fun! lol thats because weve been inside and not outside yett! well.. theres reely n0thing to write about.. s0o ill catch yall laterrr


X O X [ dAni .. kUSh ]

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long time no see :D [21 Aug 2004|09:49pm]
[ mood | bored ]

lol there hasnt been much stuff goin on. school is boring . very boring. i was so happy to wake up today and kno that i didnt have to go :P. TURTLE YOLK! YODEL WHALE ! lmao carlie <3.. lol much remember us on palace? when we were at the salon. lOL. i really want acting to start. im like going crazy without it. =[. were gonna do suessical the musical for all you ppl who didnt kno that already :D. heyy guess what! me my mommy nd my sister get to babysit my daddys friends baby :D we got a picture of him and he is sooo cute XD. i cant wait to watch him! omg i am like totally blind at school because i lost my glasses. so i go to sears to get new ones. nd its gonna take 10 days to make them anyways so whats the point ya kno ? juss thought id throw out a luittle sympathy givver there. well theres really nothing interesting going on so ill juss ttyl ...


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sCHoOl!!!!! [16 Aug 2004|05:08pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

last night i saw the movie the villiage! it was rescary at some points but the ending was very un expected.. and today was the first day of school! alot of people that i knew were in my classes so its all good , and i dont have any homework yet so im in a very good mood! lmao nd i juss found out that carlie went to my school nd i didnt even see her today! how weird! lmao! so now i have a walking buddy! yAy! hEHe im glad i got the first day over with cus thats always the one ure most nervouse for since thats when everybody gives there first impressions! but i miss my summer soooo much! only 179 more days ofd school and then my summer comes back for me!
yAy! im ok with going back to school because i actually enjoyed it. but i kno that right when i get homework im gonna wanna leave .. lmao.. same with book reports! omg im ubsessed with the way that Mr.Landry talks! he has the coolest NY accent! lmao! well thats all i feel like typing so ..

- lATeRrrrrrrrr ! !

X O X dANi [[ kUSh ]]

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the circuss =] [15 Aug 2004|03:44pm]
[ mood | silly ]

lOL last nights ice skating was soooooo much fun! and today me nd mush went to the circus =]. lmao the techno jump was hilarious " AHH AHHH AHHHH AHHH " .. lmao! nd then we ruled at the bumper cars f0r surrrrr! o yeaa nd then we went to the jewlery st0re nd bought our vuitton necklaces.. lOL.. stylin! omg i cant believe there is school tomorow im soooo pissed! nd like most of my friends are on 703 nd im on 704 ... it bites.. well i dunno what else to type so ill juss ttyl

- lAterrrrrrrrrrrrrr

dANi X 0 X

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juss giving u updatesss! [14 Aug 2004|10:58am]
[ mood | content ]

ok ill starrt from yesterday [ friday ] .. yesterday was the last day of camp :[ and the last weekday of summer *ugh* our play Annie came out great .. especially cus carlie wasz annie ! and rocky horror was AMAZING! lol nd me nd michelle kept hitting the same lady with our toast on accident :P . t0oday [ saturday for all u slow people ] i went to my open house nd im on 704. im pissed that my school decided not to go through with a drama program.. but w.e i got to meet my math teacher to * im in a portable >:[ * i dont wanna go to school at all =[. i miss my summer babay! i want the camp, the counselers, nd wizard of oz.. lol alexis.. i guess all great things have to end.. including..
:D me nd kelcie nd lexi are friends again! yay .. lol ..
well ill ttyl
LATERRR HATERRRR.... lmao mush! u babe! lmao!

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iiiiiiiits wednesday =D [12 Aug 2004|04:27pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

heyy everrybody!! today we all got to0 seee the rocky horrorr picture show rehearsel! it roccked :D.. nd about me kelcie nd lexi.. i dunno because i mean if i was there friends wouldd theyy even notice? w.e.. CHELSEA GOT HER BRACES OFF!!! itszz sooo perrrrty :D lol it was sooo funny when mike shapiro wasz in his rocky costume ally freeeeked! lmao it was HiLARiOUS! also todayy sal had us decorate wife beatersss! sooo much fun! im sad that tomorow is the last day at camp.. i guess all great things have to end.. including friendships..
well ill ttyl..
lAtErrrrrr HATERRRRR .. lmao mUSh luv ya u babe. X O X

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my wonderfull dayy... [11 Aug 2004|10:41pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

ok, so i forgot to tell you yesterdayy, but lexi nd kelcie played a prank that wasnt to funny to me nd mush. nd today i gave them the silent treatment [[ lol mean i kno :P ]] .. anyways me nd kelcie talked nd i guess im a little ok with herr.. i dunno , but happier news is me nd erin saw pincess diaries 2 ! it was sooo cute! o yea nd our big sissys went t0o. =D =D =D . we will see how tomorow goes..
- dANi

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borring old saturrday [08 Aug 2004|08:00pm]
today was ure average old boring saturday. but i got my hair cut to my shoulders! it vogue.. lOL..nd then i went to the resteraunt buffalos for lunch.lmao me nd melissa were on isketch today and we were cheating! wh0o h0o ! lOL. i wasted one of my last summer saturdays doing absolutely nothing totally exciting.WIZARD OF OZ IS IN THE NEWSPAPER! lOL they got a picture of the tornado dancers but not me dorothy! lOL iLU kayla =D, well..this is ure average lil blondie saying..
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CARLiESz PARTYY! [07 Aug 2004|11:35pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

tonite wasz carliesz partyy! it r0cked! we jammed to ashlee simpson nd ate cookie cake :D [[ yum ]] .. nd i was lookin sexxy in my hat ;].OMG! kelcie was funnier then ever!she is jusz so weird that she is funny :D, o and even tho genna isz back i got her return letter from bluestarr.. *potato rainbow* lOL.. genna nd CHELSEA <3.i got carlie a hollister shirt :D.. she got lotsa cool gifts including a jamba juice card [[yumm yumm ]] .. basically, tonite was an awesome nite! happy birthday carlie! this party was much better then ure world war 3 sleepover.. lOL... LYL <3

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